Lucy Roth, portrait
Iowa City, Iowa
Iowa vs. Northwestern, 10/26/19

Lucy was a healthy baby and toddler, but she began having vision problems at 2 years old. Pediatric ophthalmologists at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital ordered an MRI that revealed a massive brain tumor. During the subsequent 12-hour surgery, pediatric neurosurgeons were able to remove a large amount of the tumor. Lucy, however, was not out of the woods.

During surgery, Lucy lost a significant amount of blood, which led to a stroke and paralyzed the right side of her body. Additionally, pathology tests revealed that the remaining brain tumor was cancerous. Since her diagnosis and stroke, Lucy endured more than two years of chemotherapy, a second brain surgery to remove more of the tumor, 33 consecutive days of radiation, and eight other surgeries. Through continuous physical and occupational therapies over the last eight years, she has relearned how to walk and continues to build her strength and mobility.

While Lucy has faced incredible odds in her short life, she continues to greet each day with joy and a positive attitude.

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