With school back in full-swing and in-person instruction the norm for many families, you may be anxious about what you can do to keep your family safe and healthy. 

The best course of action for parents concerned about COVID-19 is “cocooning,” says Kristen Harring, MD, visiting associate and pediatrician. 

When you brought your newborn home from the hospital you may remember being advised to practice “cocooning.” Cocooning is when other members of the household receive all needed vaccines, practice frequent hand hygiene, and limit visitors to keep those members of the family who are more vulnerable healthy.  

Practice cocooning by getting all eligible members of a household, such as parents—including those pregnant or breast-feeding—and kids ages 5 or older, vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect younger family members who are still unable to receive the vaccine themselves.

“It is safe and effective, and can prevent severe illness,” Harring says. 

Kristen Harring, MD, visiting associate and pediatrician
Kristen Harring, MD, visiting associate and pediatrician