Often patients and families wonder how their child's education will continue during a hospitalization. UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital programs serve students' learning needs while being hospitalized.

The Hospital Tutoring Program serves students who will miss or have missed more than one week of school, and who will be in long-term treatment or returning repeatedly for admission. A certified teacher at UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital collaborates with each child's teachers to continue the local curriculum. Services are offered during the school year, approximately late August through early June. Children who are mobile come to the classroom for tutoring. Others are tutored in their patient rooms at a scheduled time.

Circle School Inpatient Services provides programming for patients hospitalized with psychiatric and/or behavioral concerns. The school staff includes four teachers certified in special education and behavioral disorders, a school associate, an activities therapist, and a music therapist. Teachers contact local schools to identify student needs, to report progress, and to deliver recommendations. Every effort is made to respond to parental and school concerns.