Our new children’s hospital will feature 16 different elevators. Schumacher Elevator Company, based in Denver, Iowa, supplied the elevators.

Onstage Elevators

Onstage elevators are reserved for use by families, visitors, and unescorted patients.

Parking Ramp 2 South Elevators

Three elevators will provide access to the children’s hospital from Ramp 2. All three will exit to the entrance vestibule of the children’s hospital, as well as every level in the ramp.

Public Elevators

Four elevators will provide access to floors throughout the hospital from Lower Level 2 through Level 11. The two northernmost elevators, Public 1 and Public 2, also will provide access to Level 12.

Offstage Elevators

Offstage elevators will help enhance the privacy of our patients. The use of these elevators also will keep public elevators free of beds, equipment, and deliveries. These elevators should be used by anyone working within the children’s hospital, including when arriving to or leaving work. Delivery personnel will also use offstage elevators.

Patient Elevators

Three patient elevators will be located in the offstage areas. They will be used by employees transporting patients between floors. All three will serve Lower Level 2 through Level 11. The easternmost one, Patient 3, also will serve Level 12.

Two of these elevators will be about the same size as Elevator F in UI Hospitals & Clinics. They will be large enough to hold a patient bed, an IV pole, and several employees.

The third elevator is known as the Megavator. This large elevator will be about the same size as Elevators J and G. Its door opening will be eight feet wide, and it will be equipped with oxygen, medical air, and electrical outlets.

Before deciding on the Megavator’s size, employees considered the types of equipment that critically ill patients may need, such as ventilators, IV poles, and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). Employees gathered the equipment in one spot, along with a patient bed, and measured how much space was needed to navigate the elevator. After factoring in room for a transport team, planners determined the ideal size for the elevator. It is more than 10 feet wide and nearly 12 feet deep.

Service Elevators

Three service elevators will be located offstage near the patient elevators. All three will be similar in size to Elevator D in UI Hospitals & Clinics. These elevators will serve Lower Level 2 through Level 11. The easternmost one, known as Service 3, will also reach Level 12.

Service elevators will be used for moving supplies, food, medication, and equipment throughout the hospital. Dedicated service elevators will speed deliveries. They also will cut down on traffic and noise in the hallways since many items will be delivered offstage.

Food and Nutrition Services Elevator

This elevator will be located offstage and will serve the Gerdin Family Lobby and Lower Level 1. It was designed to speed transport of items by food and nutrition services staff from the kitchen in Lower Level 1 of UI Hospitals & Clinics to the Café in the children’s hospital.

Clean/Soiled Lifts

Located offstage, two elevators will serve Levels 4 and 5. The clean lift will deliver operating room supplies to Level 5 from central sterilization. The soiled lift will transport items from Level 5 to the decontamination space on Level 4. One difference from the lifts in UI Hospitals & Clinics is that these can accommodate employees, if necessary.

Other Elevator Changes

Once our new children’s hospital opens, Elevator J in UI Hospitals & Clinics will be used for offstage patient and family transport only. Elevator D will be the designated elevator for transporting patients and families from the emergency room to the children’s hospital.