CDD Employment and Asset Development/Self-Sufficiency Initiatives

The Center for Disabilities and Development partners with the Iowa Medicaid Enterprise of the Department of Human Services to implement Iowa’s Medicaid Infrastructure (MIG) grant. The purpose of the MIG grant is to:

  • Increase in number of Iowans with disabilities employed in competitive jobs.
  • Increase in earnings of Iowa’s Medicaid members with disabilities.

Iowans with disabilities and stakeholders, working in partnership with other state and local government and service agency staff, will achieve project outcomes by focusing on the following goals:

  1. Improve the administrative infrastructure of Iowa’s Buy- In [Medicaid for Employed People with Disabilities (MEPD)] by streamlining the premium determination process; exploring automated payment systems; and increasing dissemination of MEPD marketing materials.
  2. Improve and increase awareness of other Medicaid services that support employment such as Iowa’s self-direction waiver service option being used for PAS in the employment setting; facilitating opportunities for MEPD members to become employed as Individual Support Brokers or PAS workers for Medicaid member who self-direct; and using the DRA to add workplace personal assistance services to Iowa’s Medicaid state plan.
  3. Facilitate and enhance linkages between Medicaid and other employment-related services by strengthening collaboration with Iowa’s seven state agency “Governance Group” for employment related services; facilitating outreach and training with employers and consumers; and developing a peer network for youth with disabilities seeking employment).
  4. Investigate financial planning and saving issues, attitudes and roadblocks to increased self-sufficiency within the community of persons with disabilities, using the data to inform policy and practice (e.g. survey Medicaid members to assess their knowledge attitudes and barriers related to financial resources; use data and results to develop policy recommendations).