We believe family members can play an important role in the education of health care professionals, students, and hospital employees. This program allows individuals to share their stories to aid in the teaching of patient-and-family-centered care across the organization.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Family as Faculty program at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital is to cultivate a culture of patient- and family-centered health care by providing UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital professionals, employees and students with meaningful insight into the lives of children and their families. The Family Faculty is committed to the development of effective and meaningful partnerships with all members of the healthcare team through patient- and family-centered care education and sharing of personal experiences.

  • I—Providing Insight into the health care experiences of children and families
  • O—Offering an Opportunity for mutual growth & appreciation for a diversity of perspectives
  • W—Strengthening institutional Wisdom through involvement in education
  • A—Acting as Advocates for positive change in the delivery of health care to children and their families


  • Children are children first
  • The family is a child's primary source of strength and support and that parents and other close family members are experts on their own children
  • All families are different and come in all shapes and sizes
  • Families inherently want what is best for their children