The treatment of cancer in children has been among the most successful treatments in the history of medicine. Over 80% of these children are cured and progress is ongoing. Treatments however are both complex and long.

To provide state of the art care to every child in Iowa, irrespective of the distance from the medical center, we have created a unique outreach program. Treatment protocols are created in conjunction with the most successful research group in the country, the Children Oncology Group. The Children Oncology Group is a consortium of medical researchers from the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Australia. All major pediatric cancer programs are participating in this consortium.

The protocols seek to increase cures and to seek better understanding of the causes and behavior of childhood cancers. Currently, 109 studies are being conducted through this group. This is supplemented by local protocols and patient specific protocols to provide tailored state-of-the-art care to every child.

To provide such complex care and research in a rural setting like Iowa, we have formed a partnership with the community caregivers whereby we conduct the initial evaluation at the medical center. Develop clear treatment plans. Then provide as much as possible of the care in the local community with distant supervision. State-of-the-art care close to home has resulted in a statewide availability of cancer care with excellent results.

View clinical trials being conducted by members of our Children's Oncology Group.