You know everyone has different grief feelings. Grief is the feelings you have when you know someone is going to die. All people have grief when a loved one dies. Grief lasts after that person dies.

Grief usually doesn't feel the same every day. Grief feelings might change every few hours or even more often. Grief can be feelings like sadness and anger and confusion. It can also be feelings in your body like feeling tired or not feeling hungry or not being able to sleep very well.

Grief sometimes lasts a long time, but you know how to take a break from it by relaxing and using pictures in your head when you need to.

What is death?

Death happens when the body stops working. The heart stops beating. The brain doesn't get or send any more messages to the body. Sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell don't work anymore.

When someone is dead, his or her body doesn't have thoughts or feelings. When people die, their bodies can't move or play anymore. After death, the body will never be able to do these things again.

Some kids think death is like something they have seen in a movie or a cartoon. Death is often very different than what you see on TV.

Some people think death is like falling asleep. Death is not like falling asleep. It is something very different.

Boy Drawing Close Up

If you are not sure about death, you should ask questions about it. It's hard for people to talk about death and ask questions about it, but getting answers will make you feel better and have less stress.

Ask your parents or a doctor or your religious or spiritual leader to answer your questions about death. Do you have questions about death?

Write down what you are thinking about death and what you imagine it is like. Then, if you want, show the letter to someone you trust and see what he or she thinks about death, too.