Professionals as distraction coaches

  • Health care professionals, learn specific skills for capturing children’s attention with distraction to reduce their distress during medical procedures. This video gives you step by step instructions on how to select distraction items, how to interact with the child and how to redirect the child’s attention during difficult procedures. 11:18

Reducing pain and anxiety for children during catheterization

  • Catheterization can be a procedure that makes patients of any age nervous. This video demonstrates ways to reduce pain and stress for children through preparation, positioning, and the use of Lidocaine gel. 11:01

ONE VOICE makes a difference

  • Being a patient can be a very frightening experience for a person of any age. Because children process information from the world around them much differently than adults, the healthcare environment can be particularly traumatic for children and teenagers. ONE VOICE helps healthcare professionals identify and create a less threatening environment for the pediatric patient. 2:00