*Helping your child with pain control

  • Philosophy for pain control and how to help your child.

*Helping your child with a needle stick

  • Strategies for helping your child with needle stick procedures.

Distraction tips for parents

  • How to reduce children’s discomfort before, during, and after procedures, includes distraction ideas for specific ages.

Types of distraction therapy

  • 8 types of distraction therapies.

Coping with healthcare procedures

  • Helpful hints and common coping strategies to use, including distraction.

Distraction and relaxation techniques

  • For parents regarding distraction and relaxation techniques.

Stopping the hurt

  • TED talk lecture about pain in babies. 15 minutes

Comfort positioning for medical procedures

  • Technique used to comfort children during medical procedures, making the procedure easier for child, family, and medical staff, involves the use of comfort positions or comfort holds.  22 minutes.

Videos about distraction for medical procedures

Parents of newborns

Be sweet to babies for pain reduction: 4:12

  • Ways to help your baby during newborn blood tests:  1. Breastfeeding  2. Kangaroo Skin to Skin Care 3. Sucrose.

It doesn't have to hurt: The power of a parent's touch: 2:39

  • Describes the power of parent’s touch for newborns: skin to skin care and breast feeding.


*Helping your child during medical procedures: 2:56

  • Parents and family members, learn how you can be a distraction coach for your children to help them through medical procedures. This video will give you step by step instructions on helping your child, including how to select distraction items, how to position yourself, and what to say to your child. 

*Reducing pain and anxiety for children during catheterization: 12:36

  • Catheterization can be a procedure that makes patients of any age nervous. This 12 minute video demonstrates ways to reduce pain and stress for children through preparation, positioning, and the use of Lidocaine gel.

The magic glove: 10:19

  • The Magic Glove is a Hypnotic Pain Management technique to reduce pain sensation and anxiety for children having a needle procedure. Children have rich imaginations and hypnosis is widely used to ease pain during medical procedures. In responsive children the Magic Glove can create significant sensory changes and partial anesthesia, which can boost a child's confidence and comfort in the ability to cope with painful and fearful procedures.

Children’s comfort promise: 11:38

  • The children’s comfort promise: 4 simple steps to take so children have less pain with needle procedures. Videos with age appropriate recommendations. 
  1. Numb the skin
  2. Sugar water or breastfeeding (for babies 12 months or less)
  3. Comfort positioning
  4. Distraction

Needle fear—Making shots easier for children: 1:59

  • Many children dread coming to the doctor for fear of shots. Here are a few tips to making your child’s visit to the doctor a little easier.

*Produced by UI Stead Family Children's Hospital specialists