The Iowa Neonatology Handbook represents an ongoing effort by the Division of Neonatology at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital to provide physicians, nurses, and medical students who care for newborn infants a collection of protocols outlining rational approaches to the care of critically ill neonates. In no way is this document a comprehensive review of the field of neonatology, nor is it implied that the therapeutic approaches outlined in this book are established policies or standards of care. Rather, they represent a compilation of the experience and clinical styles of the members of our division and are intended only as a guide to therapy.

This monograph should be regarded as an educational document. Some of the information provided will be outdated by the time you discover it; other information is subject to controversy. The Handbook is designed only to supplement and not to replace the education gained from the teaching of the faculty and fellows and the experience of taking care of infants in the neonatal ICU.

The Handbook was added to the Virtual Hospital® site in 2003 so that it would be more widely available and could be updated by section as needed. The material contained in the first on-line draft was taken from the 1995 printed edition. The date of the last revision is shown on each page. The Handbook is a document that has evolved over many years, since the first edition appeared in the early 1980s. The current product, which continues to evolve, has been built upon the efforts of many present and former faculty members and fellows, as well as nurses and residents who wrote, reviewed or edited sections of this book. The transition from printed to on-line format could not have been accomplished without the technical contributions of Nola Riley and Mark Hart.