Measure hearing and can suggest hearing aids or other help for hearing disorders.
Behavior specialists
Study behavior disorders and plan treatment to promote desired behaviors.
Brain injury consultants
Provide information, testing, and assistance to people with brain injury.
Dentists, pediatric
Provide dental care for children.
Education consultants
Test learning abilities and suggest new approaches.
Family practice physicians
Provide medical care for people of all ages.
Health care benefits specialist
Helps eligible families get financial assistance through such programs as Medicaid, MediPass, waiver programs, Social Security Disability, and Supplemental Security Income.
Registered nurses
Evaluate health and provide health care, education, and care coordination.
Family practice nurse practitioners
Are registered nurses who have special training in health care for people of all ages.
Pediatric nurse practitioners
Are registered nurses who have special training in health care for children.
Nutritionists or dietitians
Provide information on growth and nutrition; help with food choices, special diets, and feeding concerns.
Occupational therapists
Assess everyday living skills such as eating and swallowing, fine motor skills (such as handwriting), and visual perception. They can often suggest ways to improve wheelchair seating and positioning.
Patient/family representative
Can talk with you about your visit, help you find information, and connect you with other families or support groups.
Provide medical care for children.
Physical therapists
Can help improve gross motor skills (such as walking), posture, strength, and flexibility. They work to prevent deformity with stretching, braces, and positioning.
Evaluate self-concept, behavior patterns, learning, environment, social and emotional adjustment; and they may provide counseling.
Recreation therapists
Provide information about leisure skills and encourage recreation.
Social workers
Provide information about such programs as SSI, Medicaid, and waiver programs. They also coordinate care.
Speech-language pathologists
Evaluate speech, language, memory, and communication skills, and suggest strategies for improvement.