Newborn +HB 2 years HA
2-4 Weeks no shots 3 years Catch-up or no shots
2 months DTaP/HB/IPV/PCV/HiB/RV 4 years IPV/DTaP/MMR/2nd chickenpox
4 months DTaP/HB/IPV/PCV/HiB/RV 5 years school exam, any missed shots
5 months DTaP/HB/IPV/PCV/HiB/RV 6-18 years exams every year
9 months no shots 11-12 years and older three HPV
12 months HA/PCV/HiB/MMR 10-15 years MCV/TDaP
15 months DTaP/chickenpox 16-18 years MCV
18 months Catch-up or no shots    

Influenza is given yearly in the fall beginning at 6 months of age.

DTaP=Diptheria, Tetanus, Accelluar Pertussis
HA=Hepatitis A
HB=Hepatitis B
HiB=Haemophilus Infuenza
HPV=Human Papilloma Virus
IPV= Injectable Polio Vaccine
MCV=Meningococcal Vaccine
MMR=Measles, Mumps, RubellaPCV=Pneumococcal Vaccine
RV=Rotavirus Vaccine