How to Refer a Patient

Referring Providers
As a health care professional, you may refer a pediatric patient to UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital online or via fax or telephone.

UI Consult
UI Consult provides a toll-free referral and consultation service 24 hours a day. Our staff is trained to help you make contact as quickly as possible.  Call now 1-800-322-8442.

Stead Family Department of Pediatrics

Our faculty is committed to providing excellent, innovative diagnostic services and therapies, exemplary educational resources and actively applying tools of science and pathology in support of public health and ongoing expansion of medical knowledge. Read more about our Stead Family Department of Pediatrics.

Guides for Health Professionals

The guides below have been prepared by faculty and staff at UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital for use by other health professionals for the care and safe treatment of children.

Critical Care


Clinical Research and Trials

UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital faculty and staff offer many treatment options, including clinical trials. As an institution, we believe that research makes a difference in medicine. Read more about our clinical trials and research.

Nursing Opportunities

More than 400 specially-trained pediatric nurses provide care to children at UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital. These nurses strive to build on our traditional missions of patient care, education and research. Read more about nursing.