• Add your baby to Medicaid by calling the Medicaid Call Center toll free at 877-347-5678. Write down the date, time of call, and contact person.
  • Call UI Hospitals & Clinics Registration toll free at 866-309-0832 with your baby’s Medicaid number.

Medicaid Travel (and Meal) Claim Form Reimbursement

If you travel to UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital to take your baby home or for follow-up clinic visits, Iowa Medicaid may provide transport or travel costs. Non-emergent trips require prior approval 72 hours in advance (not including weekends or holidays). You will need a Medicaid number, which can be the mother’s number if baby does not have one yet. Ask your NICU social worker for paperwork to help with this.

For more information or to make a reservation, contact the TMS Reservation Line toll free at 866-572-7662.

If you think you will need to use TMS for return appointments, see your NICU social worker for an “out of area” signed referral form.

If your baby has Meridian or Medipass Medicaid and may have home going needs, you might consider applying for a different form of Medicaid or a new doctor. Contact your NICU social worker or discharge coordinator. To request a change, please contact DHS toll free at 877-347-5678.