Trained interpreters provide real-time interpretation and translation services for patients who are non-English speaking or who have hearing impairments. Patients and families can use these services during clinic visits, hospital stays, or other communication with hospital staff.

We Offer

On-staff resources address the primary need for Spanish interpretation and use of American sign language.

  • Real-time interpretation provided by trained interpreters for non-English speaking patients and the hearing impaired
  • Language Bank of over 25 interpreters in 25 to 30 languages (Interpreters Available)
  • VRI: Video Relay Interpretation (ASL)
  • Facilitate communication wherever and whenever communication is taking place

Cyracom Phone

Call the interpreting office to get authorization. Please provide patient name, MRN, language, and location.

  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Telecommunications Center (dial 0): 2 cyraphones available for check out
  • Social Services Main Office (dial 62207): 2 cyraphones available for check out

Contact Us

  • Interpretation Services Office: 319-356-1967
  • Text Telephones (TDD) and Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TTY): 319-356-4999