Krystal Robertson

Krystal Robertson portrait

Krystal has been in and out of the hospital her entire life, and has been hospitalized since September 2012 waiting for a heart transplant.

Aidan Hanson

Aidan Hanson thumbnail

Though Aiden appeared to be a healthy six year-old, he suffered from a growth in his ear that had to be removed. Read more about Aiden’s story.

Dylan Holub

Dylan Holub portrait

When doctors in their hometown “gave us a one percent chance that Dylan would survive,” the Holub family requested to be transferred to UI Stead Family Children's Hospital. Read more about Dylan’s story.

Zach Zwirlein

Zach Zwirlein portrait

A new standardized test for infants alerted doctors to Zach’s MCAD deficiency, possibly saving his young life.

Mason Shepherd

Mason Shepherd portrait

While still in the womb, doctors discovered Mason was not growing normally.

Alex and Molly Kirby

Alex and Molly Kirby icon

Alex went in for a routine physical in 2009, not expecting to find anything wrong. The results were shocking. He was diagnosed with pediatric nephronophthisis, a serious kidney disorder, and immediately began dialysis. Due to the severity of his illness, Alex needed a kidney transplant, which he received in November 2009.

Grace Lidgett

Grace Lidgett portrait

At 14 months old, Grace was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Thanks to many pediatric specialists, she is now an eight year-old looking to fulfill her life dreams.

Kyleigh Burlingame

Kyleigh Burlingame portrait

When Kyleigh began suffering from seizures, doctors at UI Children’s prescribed her a diet that did more than medication could. Read more about Kyleigh’s story.

Michaela Inman

Michaela Inman portrait

After having limb salvage surgery, Michaela is now trying to raise funds for other children with cancer. Read more about Michaela’s story.

Emma Miller

Emma Miller portrait

A reaction to fever reducing medicine revealed a syndrome that Emma was able to bounce back from.

Myles Peterman

Myles Peterman portrait

Myles was at risk while he was still in the womb, but is now a happy 13 year-old. Read more about Myles’s story.

Stella Turnbull

Stella Turnbull portrait

Despite being given only weeks to live, Stella was treated at UI Stead Family Children's Hospital and is now 6 years old.

Carson Thomas

Carson Thomas portrait

Carson has been treated in almost every pediatric department but is now a boy who just loves the Hawkeyes. Read more about Carson’s story.