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One-third of American children struggle with abnormal weight gain leading to overweight or obesity.  Children who are overweight or obese tend to carry this problem into adulthood, where excess weight dramatically reduces life quality and expectancy.  It is important to identify abnormal weight gain before negative health consequences, such as high blood sugars, high blood pressure, or abnormal cholesterol levels, become irreversible. 

The Cardio-Metabolic Clinic at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital was developed to help children who with overweight or obesity identify causes of weight gain, treat the consequences of weight gain, and support family in healthy lifestyle changes.  We focus on small, family-based changes to promote healthy diet, adequate physical activity and sleep. 

Who Would Benefit from the Cardio-Metabolic Clinic?

Children with concerns for:

  • Pre-diabetes and/or Insulin resistance
  • High cholesterol that does not meet criteria for Lipid Clinic
  • Abnormal weight gain leading to obesity
  • Interest in possible weight loss medications or surgery (please specify when making appointment)

If you child has concerns of excess body hair or acne plus irregular periods or diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), they may be well suited for consultation at PCOS Clinic. If your child has high cholesterol levels unrelated to weight gain, then would be best served in our Lipid Clinic which occurs in conjunction with Cardiometabolic Clinic.

What Can I expect at a Visit?

The clinic meets every Monday at the Iowa River Landing Clinic.  Clinic visits are customized to provide each family with the most helpful assessment and treatment for them.  If your child has not had labs done recently, you will be contacted with instructions for any needed blood work. During your visit, your child will be evaluated for diseases that can cause abnormal weight gain as well as for heart and metabolic issues caused by excessive weight. You will also meet other staff that may include nurses and/or a dietician depending on your needs.  Your family will receive information about healthy nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes to reverse excessive weight gain and its effects.

In addition to lifestyle modifications as the primary focus, medications may be necessary to treat diseases such as high cholesterol or high blood sugar.  In some cases, we may consider medical or surgical aids to support lifestyle change.

How can families help?

Obesity is an urgent issue that affects all of us.  The foundation for prevention and management of obesity includes the entire family, so we ask the primary caregiver(s) to attend with an open mind and positive attitude.

Health Information

Eating for a Health Heart, Diabetes Prevention, and a Healthy Weight

Locations and Contact

  • UI Health Care—Iowa River Landing
    105 East 9th Street
    Coralville, Iowa 52241
    • Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    • 1-319-467-2000
    • 1-855-467-3700