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Our staff of specialists offers surgical and rehabilitative care to treat both young patients with adolescent scoliosis and older patients with degenerative scoliosis.

Treatments include both surgical and non-surgical techniques, from simple observation, to bracing, physical therapy and surgical reconstruction. Treatments vary depending on how severely the spine is curved. The doctor will know what your treatment should be after looking at you and your X-rays. Sometimes no treatment will be necessary, but you will need to make return visits for X-rays to make sure your curve is not getting worse.

Our researchers find that back braces are effective. Results to determine whether wearing back braces would prevent the need for spinal correction surgery in children with scoliosis were overwhelmingly in favor of bracing.

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These videos provide an introduction to music therapy services for the treatment of post-operative pain and anxiety at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

  • Music Therapy and Surgery: Patient Introduction
    This video provides information about how music therapy might help you feel more comfortable after your surgery at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Information is provided by staff members as well as former patients and a relaxation exercise concludes the video.
  • Music Therapy and Your Child’s Surgery: An Introduction for Parents
    This video explains how music therapy and relaxation can be used as part of the pain management plan after surgery. Information is provided by staff members as well as former patients. A relaxation exercise concludes the video.

Patient Stories

  • Ahead of the curve

    Will Imbus in his Baseball Uniform Will Imbus was one of the first children in Iowa to benefit from a unique technology that reduces the number of surgical procedures for early-onset scoliosis patients. Read more about Will's story.Read more

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