Our children’s hospital is proud of its long tradition of patient- and family-centered care. This philosophy served as our core guiding principle throughout the design and construction process. We partnered with current and former patients and family members to design an experience that truly places patients and families at the center of care. The results are impressive. Patients and families helped us determine everything from the look and feel of public spaces to the details of each patient room, including the type of furniture ordered. Here’s a quick peek at the patient and family amenities designed to make your visit or stay in our new hospital more comfortable:

In Every Patient Room (All Rooms are Private):

  • Comfortable recliner/glider and side table
  • Individual thermostat
  • Large windows that provide access to natural light that enhances healing
  • Personal storage cabinets that lock
  • Refrigerator for family use
  • Separate family zone with privacy curtains
  • Separate lighting and TV for family use
  • Sleeping area to support two adults, making spending the night more comfortable

On Inpatient Floors:

  • Age-specific playrooms that support the needs of children of all ages
  • Family laundry rooms
  • Family lounges with Wi-Fi
  • Nourishment rooms
  • Parent respite spaces (rooms where parents can relax and refresh, yet remain close to their child)
  • Private consultation rooms

In the Hospital:

  • Discharge lobby for a streamlined and private departure (Lower Level 1 with access to Parking Ramp 2)
  • Cafe (Level 1)
  • Children’s library with resource center and fun zone (Level 1)
  • Children’s theater (Level 1)
  • Family restrooms (Level 1)
  • Gift Shop (Level 1)
  • Bread Garden Café (Level 1)
  • Private, multi-purpose space to support lactation, feeding, and other child care needs (Level 1)
  • Safety Store (Level 1)
  • Outpatient retail pharmacy (Level 2)
  • Healing gardens (Level 12)
  • Meditation room (Level 12)
  • Press Box lounge overlooking Kinnick Stadium (Level 12)
  • Vista Room, offering spectacular views of Iowa City and the surrounding area (Level 12)


  • Healing Garden
  • John and Mary Pappajohn Plaza
  • Seating for dining and relaxation
  • Playground