• Jaylee Bartleson

    Jaylee Bartelson, photo

    At 9-months-old, Jaylee Bartleson was attached to a life support device—a left ventricle assist device (LVAD)—while awaiting her heart transplant. Find out how Jaylee's medical team helped her live a full baby life in the weeks before her transplant surgery.

  • Reagen Kopsieker

    Reagen Kopsieker portrait

    Reagen was 11 days old when she had her first heart surgery and remained in the hospital for three months. She would have three more surgeries in the following years, and in January 2013, Reagen received a heart transplant.

  • Hailey Steimel's life-saving heart transplant

    Hailey Steimel

    Valentine's Day will mark one year since Hailey Steimel's life-saving heart transplant. Having just completed her first annual check-up, the Prairie High Senior's prognosis is good. But Hailey's journey back to health has taken her entire life.

  • Newborn needed new heart to live

    Heart Transplant at Iowa

    Mason had been placed on the heart transplant waiting list before he was born.

  • Krystal Robertson

    Krystal Robertson portrait

    Krystal has been in and out of the hospital her entire life, and has been hospitalized since September 2012 waiting for a heart transplant.

  • Beckham Scadlock

    Beckham Scadlock thumbnail

    Beckham Scadlock came through an eight-hour surgery with flying colors.

  • Brock Beinhart

    Brock Beinhart icon

    Brock Beinhart seemed perfectly healthy at first. But soon after being born at an Iowa City hospital in October 1998, it became clear to doctors and nurses that something was wrong. Brock was having difficulty breathing, and his skin color was a dusky gray.