• Hunter Fasse

    Hunter Fasse

    During his mother’s 20-week ultrasound at her local doctor’s office, Hunter’s parents learned he would be born with a cleft lip and palate. They were referred to University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital for further testing, and the cleft lip and palate were confirmed.

  • Ethan Craig: from pediatric patient to pediatric doctor-in-training

    Ethan Craig as an adult

    "I remember watching the doctors and thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I could do what they do?’” Read how Ethan's experience as a pediatric patient led him to a career in medicine.

  • Kinzie Hemann

    Kenzie Hemann portrait

    Days after her first birthday, Kinzie was diagnosed with von Willebrand disease Type 3, a genetic blood disorder caused by a missing protein, which leaves her blood unable to clot. Type 3 is the most serious of the von Willebrand disease diagnoses, as symptoms include severe and spontaneous bleeding episodes.

  • Madelynn Higbee

    Madelynn Higbee portrait

    Madelynn was referred to UI Stead Family Children's Hospital in July 2014 after being diagnosed with two large masses of fluid that had built up in her neck. The non-malignant masses, known to be caused by the abnormal development of the lymphatic system, caused obstructions in Madelynn’s esophagus, making it difficult for her to swallow and breathe.

  • Maree Scholl

    Maree Scholl portrait

    Maree was playing at a neighborhood park with her friends and cousins in June 2013 when a 17-foot wooden pole came loose from the playground equipment and hit her on the head. Her skull was fractured in four places and was flown by helicopter to UI Stead Family Children's Hospital. Doctors weren’t sure if Maree would survive, and if she did, there were concerns about brain injury, facial movement, and her ability to walk and talk.

  • Saving Residual Hearing

    Jack Family Kernels Game

    Jack was born with moderate to severe hearing loss. By age 9, his hearing began to decline significantly. Read his story.

  • A Baby's Journey into the Hearing World

    Madison Van Winkle in pool

    Madison celebrated her first birthday with something new—bilateral cochlear implants. Read her story.

  • Aidan Hanson

    Aidan Hanson thumbnail

    Though Aiden appeared to be a healthy six year-old, he suffered from a growth in his ear that had to be removed. Read more about Aiden’s story.

  • Carson Thomas

    Carson Thomas portrait

    Carson has been treated in almost every pediatric department but is now a boy who just loves the Hawkeyes. Read more about Carson’s story.

  • Cian Bonnett

    Cian Bonnett thumbnail

    Cian had a problem breathing just a few days after birth, but creative surgery by UI Children’s breathed life into him. Read more about Cian’s story.