• Parker Kress

    Parker Kress portrait

    In December 2014, then-13-year-old Parker Kress was experiencing pain in his right ankle and swelling in his calf. He was taken to a local emergency room, where an ultrasound found a mass on his ankle.

  • Carley Neustel

    Carley Neustel portrait

    Carley was rushed by helicopter to UI Stead Family Children's Hospital in September 2015 after a farm accident nearly severed both of her legs below the knees. She had also sustained a broken arm and a large cut on her scalp.

  • Makayla Bell

    Makayla Bell portrait

    Makayla was born three weeks premature at UI Stead Family Children's Hospital with additional birth defects. The doctors diagnosed her with OEIS syndrome, which occurs in just one of 300,000 infants. Once Makayla was born, a team of pediatric specialists worked together to develop a plan of care and she had her first surgery at just five days old.

  • Ahead of the curve

    Will Imbus in his Baseball Uniform

    Will Imbus was one of the first children in Iowa to benefit from a unique technology that reduces the number of surgical procedures for early-onset scoliosis patients. Read more about Will's story.

  • Liam Feeley

    Liam Feeley thumbnail

    Liam was born with thrombocytopenia-absentradius, a rare genetic disorder resulting in missing bones in both of his arms. He came to UI Stead Family Children's Hospital when he was 2 months old for the specialized pediatric expertise needed to care for his unique condition. Prior to coming to UI Stead Family Children's Hospital, Liam’s arms were positioned in 90-degree angles. Surgeons were able to reposition his arms to 45-degree angles, which has lengthened Liam’s arms and allowed him to play sports like flag football, basketball, and baseball.

  • Faith LeMaster

    Faith LeMaster thumbnail

    Faith was transferred to the UI Stead Family Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit when she was five days old. She had multiple organ failure, bleeding on the brain and gastrointestinal issues. In her 10 years of care at UI Stead Family Children's Hospital, she has been seen by doctors and nurses in 17 different areas.

  • Pediatric spine surgeon helps teen gymnast return to competition

    Macall Campbell on a balance beam

    Macall Campbell has wanted to be a gymnast for as long as she can remember. A slippage of one of the vertebrae in her back threatened to end her gymnastics career. Then her mom found world-renowned pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Stuart Weinstein, MD. Read more about Macall’s story.

  • Michaela Inman

    Michaela Inman portrait

    After having limb salvage surgery, Michaela is now trying to raise funds for other children with cancer. Read more about Michaela’s story.

  • Adam Weckel

    Adam Weckel thumbnail

    Ten years after having his left arm amputated, Adam is a spirited young man and a Kid Captain. Read more about Adam’s story.