• Parent Blog: Andrew Knapp

    portrait of infant Kaeli Knapp

    I want to thank everyone who was a part of our care. Our daughter wouldn't be here without this hospital. From the nursing staff that comforted us in our moment of crisis to her doctors who saved her life and didn't give up on her, everyone made sure we were okay and explained everything that was happening.

  • Parent Blog: Hilary and Brannon Spengler

    Jordy Spengler photo

    "We know we are very fortunate and are thankful for the care he received. Everyone that cared for our son played such a crucial part in his survival and experience." — Hilary and Brannon Spengler

  • Parent Blog: Serena Reemtsma

    Kali Garman

    A traumatic dirt bike injury resulted in a below-the-knee amputation.

  • Liam Young

    Liam Young portrait

    For Liam, what first appeared to be flu-like symptoms was actually a life-threatening infection known as septicemia, or sepsis. Doctors at a local emergency room sent Liam by helicopter to UI Stead Family Children's Hospital, where his parents learned his liver and kidneys were failing.

  • Parent Blog: Erica Schmidt

    Kale Schmidt Portrait

    Kale was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Burkitt’s lymphoma. Erica Schmidt shares her son's story in her own words.

  • Emma Miller

    Emma Miller portrait

    A reaction to fever reducing medicine revealed a syndrome that Emma was able to bounce back from.

  • Indya Sorrell

    Indya Sorrell thumbnail

    A go-kart accident sent Indya to the hospital, but after some surgeries she was able to go home and get back to what she enjoys. Read more about Indya’s story.

  • Maleah McCool

    Maleah McCool thumbnail

    Maleah suffered near-fatal injuries in a horrific car crash, but after spending time in a coma is now a healthy high school student.

  • Cal Kunnert

    Cal Kenner icon

    An ATV accident required Cal to be air-lifted to UI Stead Family Children's Hospital.