• Grinnell toddler becomes ‘social butterfly’ after open-heart surgery

    Rohen Carberry laying on carpet floor

    Watching your baby go into open-heart surgery is scary, but a Grinnell, Iowa, family says everyone at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital was so calm, confident, and caring that it made them feel at peace.

  • Parent Blog: Lindsay and Dustin Barber

    Hunter Barber, photo

    At 25 weeks pregnant, Hunter was considered to be intrauterine growth restricted (IUGR) and I had absent blood flow. On August 9, blood flow had reversed and he was born by cesarean section two hours later.

  • EMT impressed by safe, personalized care for her daughter from UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital heart experts

    Cate Buol, photo

    Aimee Buol felt safe and confident when her daughter Cate, 3, needed emergency heart care from UI pediatric cardiologist Ian Law, MD, during the pandemic.

  • Parent blog: Whitney and Zacharia Goodsell

    Zane Goodsell photo

    "At my 12-week ultrasound my local doctors discovered our unborn son had fetal tachycardia, an abnormal increase in heart rate. Our son’s fetal tachycardia is very uncommon."—Mother, Whitney Goodsell

  • Parent Blog: Ashley and Matthew Gerlach

    Colby and Connor Gerlach sitting outside on a stoop

    "The babies and I were being monitored by high-risk obstetricians at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics when their umbilical cords began to tangle, requiring an emergency C-section."

  • Parent blog: Miranda Goodpaster and Bret Hilpipre

    This is a photo of Holden Hilpipre

    "After learning that our unborn child would need to undergo three open-heart surgeries, we were devastated."

  • Parent Blog: Alisha Stottmeister

    Mila Stottmestier photo

    Mila Stottmeister has been a fighter since her first moment in this world. Born at 28 weeks gestation and just over 2 lbs, Mila defied the odds, and her parents thank our NICU for their unwavering support for the family.

  • Keeping close watch on high-risk pediatric cardiology patients

    Charlie Howard, photo

    Charlie was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a condition in which the side of the heart that pumps blood to the body is severely underdeveloped. Charlie had heart surgery four days after birth.

  • Jaylee Bartleson

    Jaylee Bartelson, photo

    At 9-months-old, Jaylee Bartleson was attached to a life support device—a left ventricle assist device (LVAD)—while awaiting her heart transplant. Find out how Jaylee's medical team helped her live a full baby life in the weeks before her transplant surgery.

  • Gabby Yoder

    Gabby Yoder, portrait

    A high-risk ultrasound during pregnancy revealed that something was wrong with Gabby’s heart. Her mother was sent to University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital for a fetal echocardiogram, which led to a diagnosis of hypoplastic right heart syndrome with pulmonary atresia, a congenital heart defect where the right side of heart is underdeveloped.