• Ellie Schmidt

    Ellie Schmidt

    Before birth, a routine ultrasound showed something was wrong with Ellie's heart. By age five, she had three major surgeries and nine catheterizations.

  • Emery Tillberg

    Emery Tillberg

    Halfway through Sarah Tillberg’s pregnancy, it became clear something was seriously wrong.

  • Surgeries Fix Heart Defect

    Brock Beinhart icon

    Brock was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome is severely underdeveloped.

  • Will Linder

    Will Linder thumbnail

    Will underwent his first open-heart surgery when he was two, but now swims and runs track.

  • Shelby Rogers

    Shelby Rogers thumbnail

    She was a very sick baby and her parents were terrified, but Shelby was a little girl with a big heart.

  • Isaac Arguello

    Isaac Arguello thumbnail

    Isaac could hardly breathe as a baby, but now his father calls him Superman.

  • Reid Shadle

    Reid Shadle portrait

    At just 13 days old, Reid underwent the first of six open-heart surgeries.