• Parent Blog: Amber and Jason Miller

    Pierce Miller, portrait

    "For a mom with a child that has multiple special needs and multiple medications it’s one less thing that I have to worry about."

  • Mason Gonzalez

    Mason Gonzalez, portrait

    When Mason was 6 months old, his parents noticed he wasn’t reaching certain milestones such as sitting up on his own or trying to crawl. When he was 1 year old, he woke up from a nap and unexpectedly had a 13-minute seizure.

  • Sam Spore

    Sam Spore

    Sam was born in Uganda with hydrocephalus, spina bifida—a birth defect in which bones don’t properly form around the spinal cord—and malformations in his bowel and bladder. He lived in an orphanage where specialized medical care wasn’t readily available, but he was adopted in 2015.

  • Emeline Dunham

    Emetine Dunham portrait

    When Emeline’s parents learned their daughter had Down syndrome, they knew they wanted her to be born at UI Stead Family Children's Hospital. Newborns with Down syndrome often have health issues, and they wanted a hospital that could care for all of her needs.

  • Paetra's journey

    Paetra’s first helicopter ride was when she was two; she was having a seizure and turning blue in her car seat. They found help at University of Iowa Children's Hospital.

  • A special treat for Taylor

    Taylor Phillips Portrait

    Taylor Phillips has spastic quadriplegia with hypertonia, meaning her limbs are stiff. But with the help of speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, she loves riding tandem bike with her father and hanging out on their acreage with her brother, Brody.

  • Abi Frye

    Abi Frye portrait

    The only treatment for preeclampsia is to deliver the baby. At 25 weeks pregnant, Julie was taken by ambulance and Abi was born the next day, weighing just over 1 pound.