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Andrea and Zac Smith
Hometown: Bettendorf, Iowa

Charlotte Smith portraitCharlotte was born in October 2015 at our local hospital in Davenport, Iowa. We ended up deciding to have a cesarean section that morning. When Charlotte was born, she was not breathing and her blood gas levels were low. Our hospital was able to get her breathing, but we were not sure how long Charlotte had been deprived of oxygen. We decided to airlift her to University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital to start treatment with the cooling blanket.

It was a very scary experience, to say the least. My husband went to Iowa City immediately. From the minute he arrived, he was so impressed with Iowa City and how they handled the situation and continued to keep us updated with Charlotte’s progress.

We loved the 9 a.m. check where all the various doctors would come into the room and go over the last 24 hours and answer all our questions. One nurse who stands out to us still today was Jenny. She was so kind and optimistic. She helped keep our spirits up during that difficult time and continued to check on Charlotte even when she was moved to different bays.

Charlotte is having her third birthday and is doing wonderful! We are not able to thank UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital enough!

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