In Their Words

Jessica Flanscha
New Hampton, Iowa

“My daughter Katelyn broke her arm on Nov. 10, and our local doctor referred us to University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. This was the first time any of my kids have ever needed hospital services or had surgery, and I have to say the experience was amazing, from start to finish.

I want to recognize staff in the ED, peds floor, ortho team, surgery team, surgery waiting room staff, and volunteers. I wish I could remember all their names!

Our ER nurse was so patient with my daughter. She inserted the first IV my daughter has ever had, answered the 20 questions Katelyn’s younger sister was asking, and gave incredible care. The ER doctors were also amazing. So very patient and caring.

Then came the ortho team. I can’t remember all their names, but Emily, Josh, Dr. Willey, and the rest of the team were top notch. They were all very patient and explained everything and seemed to genuinely care about my daughter.

We spent the night on the peds unit to wait and have surgery in the morning. Nikita and Erin gave amazing care. So patient and kid-friendly.

I can’t remember all the surgery staff, but as I was a bundle of nerves before Katelyn went into surgery, the nurse who brought us down, the CRNA, and Jay, the nurse who took her in, were so very patient and explained everything.

The orchestrated organization of a very busy surgery waiting room was pretty interesting to watch. What an incredibly thoughtful and nerve-calming practice to have of calling and telling the family when surgery actually started, giving an update, and having the surgeon come talk to me. That entire process made the experience so much less nerve-racking.

Lastly, the volunteers your facility has are incredible. One saw me wandering down the hall looking at my map and offered to help. The others who took me to where I needed to go to see the surgeon and who pushed my daughter out at discharge were pleasant and helpful.

I was in awe of our care at the UI. Having had this experience, I will pick the UI every time we need specialized care. Your staff should be so proud and thanked for making our scary experience wonderful. With their patience, I never had my 8-year-old express fear, which is huge considering all she went through.

She says you have the best hospital due to your chocolate ice cream and games and movies on the peds unit.”

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