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Miranda and Nate Atkinson
Hometown: Wapello, IA

Harper and Dr. Joshua BoltHarper was born at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics in July of 2015 and spent 2.5 weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. She returned in August of 2017 with a spontaneous femur fracture, which was the onset of symptoms to her rare bone disease. Since August of 2017 we frequent UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital with specialty appointments and admissions.

We have had a great experience with Harper at UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital. We have spent a lot of time there, it has become our home away from home a lot of the time between specialty appointments, tests, procedures, and admissions. All of our doctors are great but Dr. Joshua Holt (orthopedics) is stand out-top notch. Harper sees him more than any other provider. The first time he saw Harper (age 3) he needed to put a spica cast on her for a femur fracture. She had previously been sedated for all other spica casts and her sedation record was becoming alarming. He told me he was going to do it without sedation and I thought, good luck. He had a very open conversation with Harper about the process, and then, he put a little spica cast on her baby doll to show her what to expect. That was the moment I knew we found the best ortho doctor out there. She then fully cooperated so he could cast her, avoided an admission and sedation, and he has done multiple casts (and surgeries) on her since. We average seeing him every 3-6 weeks and to this day, even with her trauma, she always looks forward to seeing Dr. Holt. As a mother you expect a great doctor for your child, but being kid-friendly and great with Harper made my appreciation for him even greater. He has really made our medical situation easier.

We are very fortunate to be so close to UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital. To be seen by the nationally ranked ortho team has been such a blessing. As much as we don’t want to spend time in the hospital...the facility, employees and medical staff make it the best experience imaginable, every time.

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