William Fisher-Clark

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Stephanie Fisher-Clark
Oxford, Iowa

January 17, 2018 was one of the worst, scariest days of my life. On my way to work, my son, William, turned blue. We were rushed to the hospital and were there until around noon. We were discharged and told that I could get the medicine I needed for him over the counter. When I got to the store, they could no longer provide a nebulizer over the counter and said I needed a prescription. My mom talked with Rachel Ballard, RN, an emergency room nurse. She has, by far, gone above and beyond what I could ask for in nurse. Rachel talked with the doctor, got a prescription for my son, and had it sent to the pharmacy. She then called back to check with me and my mother to make sure we had gotten it. 

About two hours later, we were back in the emergency room (ER). My son's fever had sky rocketed and he looked and felt terrible. On the receiving end at the emergency room was the amazing nurse Rachel who had assisted us earlier in the day. I couldn't help but hug her as she has gone above and beyond what I could ask for in caring for my son. She was our nurse all evening and Carlyn Christensen-Szalanski, MD, was our treating doctor. She went above and beyond to address every concern I had and made me feel safe to return home with my very sick little boy. 

These two amazing women went above and beyond in caring for my son, and I appreciate their kindness, their passion, and their true heart for their patients! Nurses and doctors are not thanked enough, but without these amazing people today I wouldn’t know how to handle it.

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