• Parent Blog: Tricia and Casey Wells

    Jayden and Delaney Wells, photo

    "Tricia, this is not for you to worry about. As of now, you are healthy, and you are pregnant. This is a journey you should enjoy. Don't stress. Any complications that come up are for us to worry about and manage, not you." I immediately knew I was right where I needed to be.

  • Parent Blog: Ashley Kayser

    Parker Calkins, photo

    When Parker was 3 days old, a pediatric neurosurgeon confirmed my son’s diagnosis of congenital hydrocephalus. At 4 months old, he underwent surgery to place a VP shunt within his brain.

  • Chad Gookin

    Chad Gookin with sister Heather Johnson

    "It’s funny how life works. Had I not been born with a cleft, my parents never would have moved to Wilton – the small Iowa town where I met my amazing wife. Without her, I wouldn't have been blessed with my two daughters, my everything." - Chad Gookin

  • Parent Blog: Shannon and Todd Mikkelsen

    Cole Mikkelsen, portrait

    "The team that we see at every visit makes him feel like he can have fun and still be a kid despite having leukemia." — Shannon and Todd Mikkelsen

  • Parent Blog: Tishana and Eric Suiter

    Eli Suiter, portrait

    "There are not enough words to say how great this hospital is. They are there for you in probably the worst time of your life."

  • Parent Blog: Anna and Derik Woody

    Piper Woody, portrait

    Piper was born with a rare condition called esophageal atresia (EA). Her parents Anna and Derik had no idea what to expect.

  • Parent Blog: Jenny and Brian Olson

    Will Olson, photo

    "We had times that we thought we were going to lose our son, and we feel like it is because of the knowledge, expertise, and compassion of the staff that he is here today." — Jenny and Brian Olson

  • Parent Blog: Stephanie Fisher-Clark

    William Fisher-Clark

    "Nurses and doctors are not thanked enough, but without these amazing people today I wouldn’t know how to handle it." — Stephanie Fisher-Clark

  • Parent Blog: Elizabeth VanCamp

    Leda VanCamp portrait

    You're in the best possible hands there. We never felt worried about whether our daughter was receiving high quality care because the doctors (who are all top notch!) visited our room several times each day to give us updates, our questions were answered thoroughly, and when we advocated for something for her, we were listened to.

  • Parent Blog: Heidi Kuhl

    Oliver Kuhl, portrait

    "Our son was in severe diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in Mason City. The plan was to fly him to University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital but the Iowa weather was not in our favor. After realizing he would not be able to fly out for several hours, UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital sent their own ground transport team to come get him to ensure his condition was cared for and he was safe the entire trip."