• Ryan DeMott

    Ryan DeMott icon

    A campfire accident left Ryan DeMott of Harlan, Iowa, with severe third-degree burns covering 70 percent of his body.

  • Meg Michalski

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    After a boating accident, Meg had to undergo emergency neurosurgery, but has now recovered to be an honor student. Read more about Meg’s story.

  • Kali Buchanan

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    Kali Buchanan was just 3 years old when she was diagnosed with desmoid fibromatoma, a rare cancer that grew in her left jawbone.

  • Isaac Arguello

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    Isaac could hardly breathe as a baby, but now his father calls him Superman.

  • Indya Sorrell

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    A go-kart accident sent Indya to the hospital, but after some surgeries she was able to go home and get back to what she enjoys. Read more about Indya’s story.

  • Brynn Carnahan

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    When Brynn was nearly 18 months old, the Carnahans’ pediatrician referred the family to UI Stead Family Children's Hospital, where pediatric urology specialists ordered a series of tests to aid in Brynn’s diagnosis. They found that nerve damage from a tumor made it difficult for Brynn to completely empty her bladder, which led to the recurring infections.

  • Benjamin Wilson

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    Benjamin, who traded his gifts for donations to the Foundation Fighting Blindness for his eighth birthday, has fought his eye disease since childhood. Read more about Benjamin’s story.

  • Beckham Scadlock

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    Beckham Scadlock came through an eight-hour surgery with flying colors.

  • UI NICU Team Rushes to Treat Infant Born with Rare Condition

    Jamison Clark family

    Jamison was born four weeks early and needed specialized pediatric surgery immediately.

  • Against Impossible Odds: NICU to the Rescue

    Alexis Hutchinson and family

    Weighing only 1 pound, 1 ounce at birth, Alexis was not much bigger than a block of butter.