• Mason Shepherd

    Mason Shepherd portrait

    While still in the womb, doctors discovered Mason was not growing normally.

  • Alex and Molly Kirby

    Alex and Molly Kirby icon

    Alex went in for a routine physical in 2009, not expecting to find anything wrong. The results were shocking. He was diagnosed with pediatric nephronophthisis, a serious kidney disorder, and immediately began dialysis. Due to the severity of his illness, Alex needed a kidney transplant, which he received in November 2009.

  • Grace Lidgett

    Grace Lidgett portrait

    At 14 months old, Grace was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Thanks to many pediatric specialists, she is now an eight year-old looking to fulfill her life dreams.

  • Kyleigh Burlingame

    Kyleigh Burlingame portrait

    When Kyleigh began suffering from seizures, doctors at UI Children’s prescribed her a diet that did more than medication could. Read more about Kyleigh’s story.

  • Michaela Inman

    Michaela Inman portrait

    After having limb salvage surgery, Michaela is now trying to raise funds for other children with cancer. Read more about Michaela’s story.

  • Emma Miller

    Emma Miller portrait

    A reaction to fever reducing medicine revealed a syndrome that Emma was able to bounce back from.

  • Myles Peterman

    Myles Peterman portrait

    Myles was at risk while he was still in the womb, but is now a happy 13 year-old. Read more about Myles’s story.

  • Stella Turnbull

    Stella Turnbull portrait

    Despite being given only weeks to live, Stella was treated at UI Stead Family Children's Hospital and is now 6 years old.

  • Carson Thomas

    Carson Thomas portrait

    Carson has been treated in almost every pediatric department but is now a boy who just loves the Hawkeyes. Read more about Carson’s story.

  • We have an explanation. A family searches for answers.

    Victoria Lange Portrait

    "We have an explanation." A family searches for answers.