• Maggie's story: Patient to nurse

    Maggie Behounek as a nurse

    Growing up, Maggie was no stranger to the children's hospital. She now works in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, delivering the same excellent level of patient-centered care that she had once received herself.

  • Pediatric Feeding Program helps children overcome severe eating difficulties

    Intensive Feeding Program

    Pediatric Feeding Program staff work with children and their families on the acts of eating and feeding‚ teaching the children how to take food in and swallow, and showing parents and caregivers how best to introduce foods and help their children eat. Read Henry's story.

  • Former UI Stead Family Children's Hospital patient gives back

    Abby Johnson and Herky

    Abby's participation in the Iowa Ladies Football Academy not only benefitted the children's hospital — it brought back memories of her own serious heart condition.

  • Ty's story: Conquering a congenital heart defect

    Ty Turner

    Ty's mother knew something was wrong. A few days later, Ty underwent his first surgery.

  • Andrew's story: Usher syndrome

    Andrew Needham

    Andrew had some hearing loss before experiencing balance problems. His parents had no idea that Andrew had a genetic disorder that would also impact his vision. Read more.

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery puts teen back in the game

    Rebecca Hemm Portrait

    Rebecca was among the first to receive a Melody Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve at University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital, the only site in Iowa to offer this minimally invasive option.

  • Newborn beats the odds

    Noelle Larger Pic

    Noelle was born eight weeks before her due date and 12 weeks after her mother's water first broke. Read more about Noelle's story.

  • Baby with craniofacial defects now a healthy 6th-grader

    Mariah Winters portrait

    Margaret Winters' search for a second opinion about a flat spot above her daughter's right eye lead to the discovery of craniosynostosis - a birth defect causing one or more of the sutures of a baby's head to close earlier than normal.

  • Jacie Stewart

    Jacie Stewart thumbnail

    Jacie uses her art to raise awareness for the disease that once had her wheelchair bound. Read more about Jacie’s story.

  • Cian Bonnett

    Cian Bonnett thumbnail

    Cian had a problem breathing just a few days after birth, but creative surgery by UI Children’s breathed life into him. Read more about Cian’s story.