• Grant Stracke

    Grant Stracke portrait

    Grant was suffering life-threatening post-operative complications and infection. UI Stead Family Children's Hospital is home to Iowa’s only pediatric program for continuous renal replacement therapy, a procedure that does the work of the kidneys for critically ill patients.

  • Landon

    My name is Rachel, I am a NICU nurse and the mother of two children, both of which were born very prematurely one at 30 weeks and the second at 25 weeks. Both pregnancies were

  • Hope

    Dan, Karen and Hope Bernick Dan and Karen Bernick’s daughter, Hope, was born weighing one pound, three ounces in July of 1992.

  • Isabel

    Isabel was born on Monday, November 22 on the 30th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. I don’t think I would have really known this fact had it not been for the constant television reporting and my pacing in front

  • Faith

    Even though it has been six years since our story began, it all comes back to me as if it was only yesterday. My story began eight weeks into my pregnancy with my second child.

  • Elle

    When I look at Elle, I’m still amazed that she was the tiny 24-week baby born in the back of our car. No one who sees her today would ever guess.

  • Anthony

    The pregnancy was full term with no complications but when Anthony was born, he just did not want to breathe or move.

  • Abby

    Our daughter, Abigail, was born on August 28, 2004, almost four months before her late December due date. She weighed one pound at birth.

  • Branstad daughters: care closer to home

    Branstad Family

    Twice a year the Branstads get their followup care at a closer regional clinic offered through UI Stead Family Children's Hospital Child Health Specialty Clinics.

  • Surgeries fix heart defect

    Brock Beinhart icon

    Brock was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome is severely underdeveloped.