• Nate Fisher

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    There was a strong possibility that Nate wouldn’t live past a few months old, but UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital never treated him that way. He’s past 10 now.

  • Zephan Abel

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    Zephan was born with Alagille syndrome and has had many surgeries because of it, but has made giant strides.

  • Ross Wiltgen

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    Ross suffers from a condition only forty others in the world do.

  • Maleah McCool

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    Maleah suffered near-fatal injuries in a horrific car crash, but after spending time in a coma is now a healthy high school student.

  • Mason Allen

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    Mason spent his first 10 weeks receiving life-saving care in the NICU.

  • Korri Hoeger

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    Korri and her parents traveled three times a week to UI Stead Family Children's Hospital for dialysis. It’s about 160 miles round-trip, but an alternative option was in the works. Korri became the first UI Stead Family Children's Hospital patient to receive dialysis at home.

  • Jack Koehn

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    When prenatal tests showed that Julie’s unborn baby was hydrocephalic, the NICU team began to plan for Jack’s birth.

  • Chloe Dardis

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    At 5 months pregnant, Lori Hill learned that her baby had Turner syndrome, a chromosomal abnormality.

  • Kelby Telander

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    The Telanders believe they “have truly been blessed to be located next to one of the best hospitals in the nation for otolaryngology and cochlear implants, not to mention world renowned surgeons.”

  • Savannah Erck

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    According to her father, Dean, “Every neurosurgeon on the East Coast that I talked to said that if this was their daughter, they would want Arnold Menezes, MD to perform the surgery.”