• Parent Blog: Kristin Rambousek

    Kendal Rambousek photo

    There is no place I would trust with Kendal more than UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Every single doctor and nurse listensand they allowed me to be a part of her treatment plan.

  • Joshua Meets his Kidney Donor for the First Time

    Joshua and Ruth meet

    Ruth Powell meets Joshua Warren of Altoona, Iowa after she donated her kidney.

  • Heart Expertise Helps Central Iowa Boy

    Lewis Lentsch

    Ian Law of the UI Stead Family Children's Hospital’s renowned pediatric cardiac electrophysiology program staffs a Des Moines outreach clinic.

  • Ethan Craig: from pediatric patient to pediatric doctor-in-training

    Ethan Craig as an adult

    "I remember watching the doctors and thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I could do what they do?’” Read how Ethan's experience as a pediatric patient led him to a career in medicine.

  • Kinzie Hemann

    Kenzie Hemann portrait

    Days after her first birthday, Kinzie was diagnosed with von Willebrand disease Type 3, a genetic blood disorder caused by a missing protein, which leaves her blood unable to clot. Type 3 is the most serious of the von Willebrand disease diagnoses, as symptoms include severe and spontaneous bleeding episodes.

  • Parent Blog: Amanda Byersdorfer

    Braden Byersdorfer

    "Our family will forever be grateful for the care and love that was shown to not only Braden but also to his entire family."

  • Parent Blog: Pam Stallings

    Pam Stallings photo

    Without Dr. Menezes and the entire care team, our daughter would not be here today. Read more about Samantha's experience with Chiari malformation.

  • Parent Blog: Alisha Munoz

    Andres Munoz before and now photos

    "I am thankful for the amazing medical technology and that they were even able to put a pacemaker in Andrés. He was so small."

  • Parent Blog: Shelby Schumacher

    Schumacher in their own words

    "Our family will forever be grateful for the care and love that was shown to not only Leah but also to her entire family."

  • Parent Blog: Serena Reemtsma

    Kali Garman

    A traumatic dirt bike injury resulted in a below-the-knee amputation.