Even if you for some reason can't donate breast milk, there are many ways to support Mother's Milk Bank.

What Can I Do?

  1. If you can become a milk donor, please donate. See Information for Milk Donors to see if you qualify
  2. Support for the Mother's Milk Bank of Iowa can help in many ways, including expansion of the pasteurization laboratory, which allows more milk to be processed for babies in need. Give now.
  3. Donate to Feed a Baby Gift Plan. Collectively, we can nourish a baby, 1 bottle at a time.
    • $15 for 1 bottle
    • $30 for 2 bottles
    • $45 for 3 bottles, etc.
  4. Order donor human milk for babies
  5. Promote donor human milk supplementation when mother’s own is insufficient.
    • Parents and health care professionals: Request/recommend donor human milk supplementation
    • Hospitals: Maintain an inventory of donor human milk
  6. Help spread the word about the Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa and milk banking.
    • Tell family, neighbors, friends, colleagues
    • Display milk bank posters
    • Display milk bank brochures
  7. Establish a Milk Collection Depot in your community
    • Collection depots are instrumental for increasing donor participation and donation
    • They can be located in hospitals, organizations, or churches
    • A large freezer is provided by the milk bank
    • Depots receive and store donor human milk until milk bank staff retrieve it