Even if you for some reason can't donate breast milk, there are many ways to support Mother's Milk Bank.

What Can I Do?

  1. If you can become a milk donor, please donate. See Information for Milk Donors to see if you qualify
  2. Donate online to Feed a Baby Gift Plan through the UI Foundation or send a donation to the Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa (University of Iowa at Liberty Square, 119 2nd Street, Suite 400, Coralville, IA 52241).
  3. Donate to Feed a Baby Gift Plan. Collectively, we can nourish a baby, 1 bottle at a time.
    • $15 for 1 bottle
    • $30 for 2 bottles
    • $45 for 3 bottles, etc.
  4. Order donor human milk for babies
  5. Promote donor human milk supplementation when mother’s own is insufficient.
    • Parents and health care professionals: Request/recommend donor human milk supplementation
    • Hospitals: Maintain an inventory of donor human milk
  6. Help spread the word about the Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa and milk banking.
    • Tell family, neighbors, friends, colleagues
    • Display milk bank posters
    • Display milk bank brochures
  7. Establish a Milk Collection Depot in your community
    • Collection depots are instrumental for increasing donor participation and donation
    • They can be located in hospitals, organizations, or churches
    • A large freezer is provided by the milk bank
    • Depots receive and store donor human milk until milk bank staff retrieve it