How you stay safe

Practice the 3 Ws

  • Wear your mask
  • Watch your distance
  • Wash your hands

Avoid the 3 Cs

  • Closed spaces with poor ventilation
  • Crowded places
  • Close contact situations

Teach your kids how to protect themselves from COVID-19

Make handwashing fun

You can use music to make handwashing enjoyable! One of our team members uses the tune from "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" to remind her daughter how to properly wash her hands.

Whatever song you sing, remember to scrub for 20 seconds with soap and water.

Wear face coverings

There's a lot of public information—good and bad—about face masks, but don't be overwhelmed. We've organized what you need to know so you can teach your whole family.

Other ways to stay safe

Stay safe by social distancing with your children

Check out these fun activities your family can do while social distancing at home.

Increased time at home can mean an increased risk of injuries in the home for children. We've got some tips for keeping your family safe while social distancing.

Urologist Amy Pearlman, MD, talks with UI sports medicine specialist Britt Marcussen, MD, about creative ways to keep the family active during isolation.

Epi Explains: How to get kids to wear a mask

FileEpi Explains - Talking to Kids About COVID-19

Melanie Wellington, MD, PhD, gives tips on talking to children about Coronavirus and getting them to wear a mask.

Talking to children about COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Stock photo of masked woman talking to child

During these uncertain times, it can be difficult to know what to say to children and teens. Our Child Life team has some tips for helping your children cope with what's happening in their world.

How to talk to and support your children during the Coronavirus

Tips for parenting during COVID-19

Small changes to make a big difference during the COVID-19 pandemic

Stock photo of adult and children communicating virtually with others

Times like these can cause feelings of uncertainty or confusion, especially in our children. We've got resources to help your family out.

Emotional regulation skills for parents and teens