1. Wash your hands

Wash your hands with soap and water for at least one minute. Your hands may spread germs. You may use baby wipes if you do not have soap and water. Do not skip CIC if you do not have water.

2. Gather all the needed supplies:

Syringe: Provided by your health care provider

Catheter: You will be given a prescription for catheters. You can get catheters from a medical supply company. Check the catheter for breakdown, cracks, or damage. Do not use a catheter that has been damaged or worn.

Lubricating jelly: You will be given a prescription for lubricating jelly. Look for the words water soluble on the label. Do not use VaselineÒ or petroleum jelly.

Cotton balls or washcloth: These need to be clean, but do not need to be sterile.

Mild soap or baby wipes: The best baby wipes for CIC have benzalkonium chloride. Check the wipes package for this ingredient.

Urine container: A container big enough to hold the urine if you need to measure the amount of urine drained. You can drain the urine into a diaper or toilet if you do not need to measure it.

Filling the syringe with lubricating jelly drawing3. Fill the syringe with lubricating jelly

Pull out the plunger of the syringe. Put jelly into the barrel of the syringe. Carefully put the plunger back into the syringe.

4. Position

Boys can do CIC sitting on the toilet or a chair, standing, or lying down. Use the way that works best for you and your child.

CIC washing the private area for boys catheterization5. Wash the private area

Wash the tip of the penis. Make circles and wash three times. Rinse three times or until all the soap is gone.

  • If using a cotton ball, use a new one each time.
  • If using a washcloth, use a new part of the cloth each time.
  • If using wipes, tear the wipe into three pieces and use a new piece each time.

For an uncircumcised boy, pull the foreskin back just enough to see the urethral opening to clean and lubricate with jelly.

CIC putting lubricating jelly in boy's urethra6. Put lubricating jelly in the urethra

Hold the penis out and away from the body. With your other hand, gently put the lubricating jelly from the syringe into the urethra. You may also lubricate the end of the catheter as well.

CIC putting in a catheter in a boy7. Put it the catheter

With one hand, hold the penis up, out, and away from the body. With your other hand, pick up the lubricated catheter. Hold onto the catheter two to three inches from the tip. Gently put the catheter into the urethra until urine starts to come out. Lower the penis down to let the urine drain. You do not need to insert the catheter father once urine starts to come out. It will not do harm if the catheter is inserted a little farther. Hold onto the catheter so it does not fall out.

Tips to help put in the catheter

  • Use gentle but firm pressure.
  • Have your child take slow, deep breaths or blow on a pinwheel or bubbles.
  • Do not force the catheter.

Tips to help the urine drain

  • Have your child cough.
  • Lower the penis.
  • Turn the catheter.
  • Have your child change position.

8. Take out the catheter

When the urine stops draining, hold onto the tip of the penis and slowly pull the catheter out. Stop pulling out the catheter if urine starts to drain again. Do this until the catheter is out. Dry off the private area.

For an uncircumcised boy, pull the foreskin back down over the urethral opening.

9. Throw away catheter and clean up

We recommend you only use your catheter one time.

  1. Throw away the catheter
  2. Wash your hands and other catheter supplies with soap and water for one minute.
  3. Rinse the supplies well.
  4. Pat and air dry the supplies well. You may also use a blow (hair) dryer on a cool/warm setting to dry the supplies. Wet or damp supplies can grow germs.

Due to your insurance coverage, you may need to wash and reuse your catheter. If you have been taught to reuse your catheter:

  1. Wash your hands, the catheter, and catheter supplies with soap and water for one minute.
  2. Rinse catheter and supplies well.
  3. Dry the catheter and supplies well. You may use a blow (hair) dryer on a cool warm/setting to dry the catheter and supplies. A wet or damp catheter and supplies can grow germs.

More tips

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for one minute.
  • Keep your supplies clean. Wash the catheter with soap and water after each CIC if you need to reuse it. The catheters must dry between uses.
  • Use a plastic baggie or cosmetics bag to carry your supplies. Carry waterless soap in the bag.
  • If anyone helps your child, they should wear gloves.
  • Always take one or two extra catheters for emergency use.
  • Order supplies before you run out.