• Love Lasts Forever: A journal of memories

    Love Lasts Forever: A Journal of Memories

    “Love Lasts Forever: A Journal of Memories” isn’t like other baby books or children’s memory journals.

  • World's tiniest liver recipient

    At less than three weeks old, Kaylee Lindley received a transplanted portion of her father's liver. Miracles like these are part of the UI Organ Transplant Center's legacy. Read Kaylee's story.

  • Newborn needed new heart to live

    Heart Transplant at Iowa

    Mason had been placed on the heart transplant waiting list before he was born.

  • Saving residual hearing

    Jack Family Kernels Game

    Jack was born with moderate to severe hearing loss. By age 9, his hearing began to decline significantly. Read his story.

  • A baby's journey into the hearing world

    Madison Van Winkle in pool

    Madison celebrated her first birthday with something new—bilateral cochlear implants. Read her story.

  • Listening matters for mothers

    Cassie Howard of Cedar Falls

    UI study shows mothers with prematurely born infants benefit from personal sessions with NICU nurses.

  • Krystal Robertson

    Krystal Robertson portrait

    Krystal has been in and out of the hospital her entire life, and has been hospitalized since September 2012 waiting for a heart transplant.

  • Aidan Hanson

    Aidan Hanson thumbnail

    Though Aiden appeared to be a healthy six year-old, he suffered from a growth in his ear that had to be removed. Read more about Aiden’s story.

  • Dylan Holub

    Dylan Holub portrait

    When doctors in their hometown “gave us a one percent chance that Dylan would survive,” the Holub family requested to be transferred to UI Stead Family Children's Hospital. Read more about Dylan’s story.

  • Zach Zwirlein

    Zach Zwirlein portrait

    A new standardized test for infants alerted doctors to Zach’s MCAD deficiency, possibly saving his young life.