• Beckham Scadlock

    Beckham Scadlock thumbnail

    Beckham Scadlock came through an eight-hour surgery with flying colors.

  • UI NICU team rushes to treat infant born with rare condition

    Jamison Clark family

    Jamison was born four weeks early and needed specialized pediatric surgery immediately.

  • Against impossible odds: NICU to the rescue

    Alexis Hutchinson and family

    Weighing only 1 pound, 1 ounce at birth, Alexis was not much bigger than a block of butter.

  • Andrew Niles

    Andrew Niles thumbnail

    Andrew was growing up a little bit smaller than the rest of his classmates and new tests revealed why.

  • Lilah Henry

    Lilah Henry thumbnail

    A routine ultrasound at week 10 of Andrea's pregnancy brought startling news.

  • Brock Beinhart

    Brock Beinhart icon

    Brock Beinhart seemed perfectly healthy at first. But soon after being born at an Iowa City hospital in October 1998, it became clear to doctors and nurses that something was wrong. Brock was having difficulty breathing, and his skin color was a dusky gray.

  • Taytum Bell

    Taytum Bell thumbnail

    Taytum developed a rare autoimmune disease as a child but after a week of in hospital treatment is back to what she loves. Read more about Taytum’s story.

  • Maddie Strauss

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    At the age of eight, Maddie suffered a severe stroke. Now she approaches every day with enthusiasm. Read more about Maddie’s story.

  • Nate Fisher

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    There was a strong possibility that Nate wouldn’t live past a few months old, but UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital never treated him that way. He’s past 10 now.

  • Zephan Abel

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    Zephan was born with Alagille syndrome and has had many surgeries because of it, but has made giant strides.